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Saving you Time and Money


Welcome to Spreadsheet Specialist.

 We are here to help you save time and money. Spreadsheets are often under utilised by many companies and yet they can be a great asset to your business. For the majority of small or even medium sized businesses they can be all you need. You can manage your accounts / cash flow, maintain inventory levels, produce time sheets and can be used for detailed analysis and management reporting as well as so many other things. The list goes on and on as they are so flexible.

Care needs to be taken with them, however, as one wrong formula could lead to disasterous results if it is not spotted in time. In addition, spreadsheets tend to grow naturally and if they are not monitored and designed properly can easily become unmanageable and then useless.

"95% of all spreadsheets over 100 lines contain calculation errors and 75% of companies have experienced significant problems as a result of faulty data."
A survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers  

The most common cause of problems with spreadsheets is human error. It is all too easy to hit the wrong key or enter a number instead of a time etc. This is especially true when people are in a hurry or they repeat the same task over and over. 

What can we Offer? 

That's where Spreadsheet Specialst can help. We are aware of the problems encountered by companies and can remove many of the causes of errors before they even occur.


We can remove the need to repeatedly cut, copy and paste or re-type the same information in different parts of the spreadsheet. We can use formulae and macros to do all of the repetitive tasks that you perform without the risk of error. You will only need to enter each piece of information once and then we use it as many times as you like in as many different places as you like. This could save you a lot of time in data entry.

We can also add validation to your sheets so that you can be sure only the correct data type is entered where it should be, as the sheet won't let you enter anything else.

If you receive data in a format different to how you want to use it, we can allow you to convert it at the touch of a button.

Data Cleansing

If you have any corrupted spreadsheets or large sets of data that need to be sorted or purged of certain fields then we can also help with this. We have a lot of experience with large data sets and have worked on sheets with anything up to 720,000 lines of data.


We can set up detailed analysis for any of your data. Whether you want to know averages, minimums, maximums, percentages or anything else we can set them up in your own sheets so that you can make use of them any time you wish. Data sorting and filtering are very common requests and also very useful.

Management Reporting

It is usually the case that management are not initially interested in the detail and calculations and just want to know what the results or conclusions are. We can create reports which look up and take the relevant pieces of information from your spreadsheets and consolidate them into a meaningful and manageable size.

Anything Else

In addition to the above, we can customise or create anything that you would like. We are highly skilled and very flexible in our approach to your work. If you have an idea then give us a ring, chances are that we will be able to do it for you. Our prices are aimed at the smaller customers so have a look at our pricing strategy.