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Rates & Services

If you've been looking around at other sites then you will have quickly noticed that no one ever puts any real prices on their sites. They all request you to give them a ring or contact them for a quote, which may well be a lot more than you had in mind based on their claims of "great value for money" and "lowest prices".

That's where we are different! We will tell you right here how much we charge and then its up to you if you want to get in touch or not.

The first consultation, either by phone or in person, is free of charge and we will assess what work is required and tell you where you fit into the pricing structure below. You can then decide if you would like us to go ahead with the work or not. As a guide, most small businesses will fall under the Small or Medium category.

Fixing / Automating / Amending (etc) your current spreadsheets: 

 Small  50


 Large  150
 Very Large  250

New and Custom Made spreadsheets:

 Small  75
 Medium           100
 Large  200
 Very Large  300+


Service Plan

We also offer a Service Plan for our customers, which provides free support for work already done and gives reduced rates for any future work that might be needed for a small monthly subscription. This plan includes the following:

  • Free support for any work already carried out.
  • 20% off New and Custom made spreadsheet (Large & Very Large)
  • 10% off New and Custom made spreadsheet (Small & Medium)

All of this is for a monthly subscription of 15.


I'm sure you will agree that you would quickly repay the initial expenditure by all those hours saved by not doing things the long way and also avoiding the errors that naturally occur when doing things manually.


So what's the small print or hidden costs?

The only small print is as follows:

  • The service plan is for a minimum of 6 months. After that you can cancel any time you wish.
  • Visits to customer premises over 10 miles from Milton Keynes will be subject to a fuel charge of 0.15 per mile.